Federal Executive
Resources Management
"We thrive on being proactive in every engagement and interaction with our customers, We will exceed our your expectations every day—no exceptions."
Federal Executive
Resources Management
"Our philosophy is “taking are of people”. That means commitment, quality, integrity, and reliability are reflected in all that we do."
Federal Executive
Resources Management
"We make each interaction a uniquely satisfying experience attending to every request with speed and diligence. We have a vested interest in our customers’ success."
Federal Executive
Resources Management
"It is our mission to facilitate organizational growth through greater understanding and engagement, leading to effective and impacting change."
Federal Executive
Resources Management
“Effective change is achieved through engagement, partnership and collaboration. The FERM Group was created to facilitate that.
It’s why we are here.” Nicole S. Wright, CEO


Our Services

With extensive knowledge of Human Resource practices in the federal government workforce, FERM ’s core capability is focused specifically on the Senior Executive Service (SES) with four target areas: Executive Resources Training; Executive Resources Policy Development and Implementation; Consulting; and Coaching.

Executive Resources Management

Recognizing there is no one-size-fits all model for learning, the FERM provides a training experience that can meet specific organization needs, whether traditional classroom setting, or tailored to meet individual and team needs.  Options are designed to increase your organization’s understanding of executive resources management so they can more effectively work with their customers to help reach success.All of our training sessions are instructor-led and include extensive participation and materials. Sessions can range from one to five days.


Training areas for Executive Resources Professionals include:

  • Executive Resources Management
  • Executive Appointments and Staffing Actions
  • Staffing and Career SES Appointments
  • Pay and Compensation
  • Performance Management
  • Awards
  • General SES Actions
  • Other Provisions Affecting SES Members
  • Senior Positions Outside the SES (SL and ST)

Training/Workshops for Aspiring SES Candidates Include:

  • Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) Development and Editing

Policy Development and Implementation

  • SES Executive Resources Board
  • SES Performance Review Boards
  • SES Staffing
  • SES Classification and Position management
  • SES Allocation Management
  • Executive Onboarding
  • Presidential and Political Appointments Processing
  • Pay Setting and Compensation
  • Presidential Administration Transitions
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)


With more than 20 years of combined human and executive resources management experience, we can help your organization: build employee knowledge through targeted training; develop the leadership skills of your executives; and develop effective policies leading to effective management and operation of your organization’s executive resources.



Great coaches know their best work happens when they understand their clients at a deep, personal level. The FERM coaches work to unlock individuals’ personal motivations to reach beyond the surface and effectively help them understand who they are, how others see them, and ultimately, how they lead and work with others. With this understanding, leaders and employees can contribute more effectively to their teams and exponentially improve performance, leading to the development of better leaders and more efficient teams.

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